Basket ball courts

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this basketball courts were really different with other courts normal courts. this place were on the water. i thought this is really good idea of using some pare place in water so we do not waste the place






sculpture-Canary wharf

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this is the sculpture in front of the jubilee shopping centre. when i saw this sculpture when there were sunshine i felt the friendship and some thing strong feeling oh honor.

Canary Wharf – Cabot Square

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this place also my favourite place, when i live in here i always come to this place and had lunch in here. in summer time we can see the fountain and feel of cool ad relaxable also the business people came down to here for the lunch and having conversation. we can feel hard and feeling of stuffiness by high buildings, however we can feel nature and cool fresh air by this place middle of high buildings so we can eat food very softly and relax n lunch time.

Canary wharf -clock

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this place is the capital city of business in UK. and this is the my favourite place in UK, because i can feel of sea and wind and feels like Venice in Italy. we can not see the this square in picture. there are clocks in the square and restaurant. i think this place is the business city so clock showing the feeling of busy town. also maybe this clock gives the help to people who is working in there to managing the time.

Disney land- Paris

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this fountain is the from disney land front of cafeteria and it is also pond and the shape of level difference of pond is really nice and some thing new image to me so i reall want to use this idea and shape on my project.

NYC landscape

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this landscape placed in New York and i found this area from the   and this space was really great.

it is really nice design and using useless space and very nice view in new york city this place on the sky, i mean on the upper level so we do not see the other people and car, also it might block the sound pollution from any verhical from street .  i really want use this idea of the shape of some texture on the space and using some strange space.

2. Traffic Light Tree, London, UK

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(Image credits: Squirmelia)

this trfic light is placed in canary wharf and it looks very complicate, but it gives feeling of careful and more concentrate on the driving to drivers it is really nice to be at the roundabout, so drivers can see the the other drivers who is in side of the roundabout care fully.