new malden station

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 new malden’s plat form 2 and 3 is not using at the moment. i thought about to make roof garden on here some feeling like canary wharfjubilee park. and open as public garden so people who are watting for train they can use here for watting time.


texture for floor

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this picture is from topshop below of the mannequin.

it was really nice to see on the flor and it is possible for the step, so it can make some protection of slide.

How to design like an architect

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it has really good information of collecting information and develop my idea, sketching and suggesting which book is good for architect.


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UNLV Landscape Architecture Design/Build Project

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this video shows designing the landscape 3-d visual and section skills.

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Landscape Architecture and Design (215)249-1236

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after watching this video i can feel why landscape design is important for develop the my property and some way of i love the improve my self.




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new malden fountain roundabout

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This is the New malden fountain roundabout i think scale of this roundabout is huge and nomally roundabout image is simple and nothing on roundabout so it  will be really nice to design roundabout for my experience. and if we make the roundabout to be better look driver can feel better when they drive around the roundabout

Manchester University

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 I have visited manchester university and i saw the really exciting building and it was university’s campus.

basically this building’s materials are mostly made by glass, because university wanted to use the natural energy, so they are using solar energy rather than electricity. however i had some question by this building, if there are no sunnyday how can they turn it on the light, and my friend said there are solar panel on the roof so they can save the energy from the sun and can use that energy later on when they need it. if i have the chance to do some project i really would like to use natural metarial and energy.